Kathy Jordan


Kathy is a parent and student advocate for all of Palo Alto. She is an independent leader who will work to ensure academic excellence, act as a fiscal watchdog protecting our tax dollars, and be strong for all students. Our grassroots support is reflected in the more than 300 endorsements Kathy has received.



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Kathy Jordan

Kathy Jordan has been described as a watchdog, and a fighter for students and families. These words aptly describe her passion and commitment to all of our children, and to our tax dollars as well. She will stand up for our community – and bring back level-headed leadership and common sense to our schools.

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Our Agenda for Change

Parent and student advocate Kathy Jordan developed this four-point plan to create positive change within the School District:

Be strong for students

Work to ensure every student receives an excellent education and experience. To achieve this, every student must be able to learn in an environment free from discrimination, intimidation, and harassment, with procedures in place that consistently protect all students.

Spend dollars responsibly

With a recognized fiscal watchdog on the Board, we can live within our means, manage our tax dollars responsibly, and invest smartly in programs that will benefit our students. Eliminating fiscal mismanagement is the first step.

achieve academic excellence

We can find the ideal balance between offering challenging classes for advanced students and helping those who struggle or need special support. This involves continuous improvement, ensuring students receive the instructional classroom time required by law, and focusing on the well-being of all students.

build trust and accountability

We can start a new era of open communications between the District, the Board and the community. To achieve this, we need to discuss the district’s performance openly, which will build trust, solve problems, and identify areas that need our input and attention.


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Why Change is Needed

For the last two years, our students and community have watched while the School District failed to do its job of protecting our tax dollars and our students.


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